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24 Hours of NAU

I managed a team of 12 photographers to shoot more that 30 assignments and capture the essence of Northern Arizona University in a 24 hour period, creating "the most documented day" in NAU's history. The resulting images were put together in an Instagram story and YouTube video, reaching thousands of students, faculty and alumni of NAU. 


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My GeoCenter

The GeoCenter is an averaging equation that uses the latitude and longitude of everywhere you have ever lived to yield an in-between place that is the average of your existence. This interactive online documentary project explores the idea of the GeoCenter by calculating GeoCenters and documenting individuals who have made journeys to their GeoCenters. I concepted, created and shot all of the assets for the GeoCenter site.



Shot, edited and coordinated photography with NAU students for the Navajo New Lands project. The project was a grant-funded website and  physical exhibit showcasing the plight of relocated Navajo tribe members.


Ha:san Preparatory and Leadership School: Resilience Through Culture

Team project with faculty and students at NAU



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